Bellach Residence- Hillside Repair

Belvedere, California

Structural Slope Failure Repair

W | A Associates provided forensic and structural engineering services for this property nestled on the edge of a 70 foot cliff, overlooking the Richardson and San Francisco Bays.

After days of intense rain, the last week of December 2005 saw Marin County plagued with hundreds of dramatic slope failures, including the landslide at this site. The landslide repair involved restoration and stabilization of the failed hillside, replacement of lost portions of the garden terraces, collection and controlled discharge of storm water runoff, and providing access to the beach area.

In collaboration with Civil and Geotechnical Engineers, Architects, Landscape Architects, Artists, the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, The Corps of Engineers, and the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board, W | A Associates developed the repair program for this complex and delicate site condition. 

Our 3D modeling tools were invaluable in facilitating the analysis and design solutions applied to this repair program.


The shotcrete and tieback retaining wall system was designed with an effort to minimize the amount of hill cover, maintain as much exposure of the stable rock elements, render and texture the concrete finish to match existing adjacent surfaces as best as possible, and incorporate landscaping and irrigation pockets to promote vegetation propagation.