La Purisima Mission Historic Park

Lompoc, California

California Department of Parks and Recreation
Historic Preservation Program

La Purisima Mission was one of five missions established to convert the Chumash Indians to Catholicism and make them subjects under the King of Spain. The site chosen for La Purísima Mission was known to the Spanish as the plain of Rio Santa Rosa and by the Chumash as Algsacpi.

Misión La Purísima Concepción De María Santísima (Mission of the Immaculate Conception of Most Holy Mary) was founded by Father Presidente Fermin de Lasuén on December 8, 1787 and was the 11th of 21 Franciscan Missions in California.

W | A Associates performed a seismic evaluation of six adobe buildings in this Historic Park that has become one of California's greatest historical landmarks.  Our services were provided in support of a complete review of the complex performed by Page and Turnbull, Inc. 

The seismic evaluation included recommendations for repair and seismic improvements to the adobe buildings, which range in size from the 25x40 foot Monjerio building to the Residence/Monastery building, which is 52x318 feet long.  The evaluation process included research of existing documents needed to determine the unusual structural systems and consideration of the latest research into the behavior of adobe buildings.  Efforts focused on providing an adequate level of seismic safety in the structures with a minimum of impact on the historic fabric of the buildings.