The Carquinez Hotel

Richmond, California

Investigation and Repair Recommendations for Water Damage and Structural Deterioration of Concrete and Masonry
Client: Bridge Housing

National Register of Historic Places
New Hotel Carquinez 

(added 1992 - Building - #92000466)

W | A Associates performed an initial investigation where the evaluation of waterproofing failures led to further review of key structural and architectural elements related to water penetration which resulted in deterioration over several years.  

The New Hotel Carquinez or simply Hotel Carquinez is a registered historic place in Richmond, California. When Richmond incorporated as a city in 1905 it had a population of 2,150 and was already an established industrial town. The city charter was adopted in 1909, and by 1910 the town numbered 7,500. As the City grew during the 1920s and the 1930s, Richmond's Downtown emerged as the City's business and retail center. The elegant Carquinez Hotel (later renamed Hotel Don) opened its doors in 1925 and soon became the center of the City's social and civic life.

The hotel became the center of decision making for the city of Richmond prior to the construction of the Richmond Civic Center. The building now functions as senior housing center.

An estimation of repair costs was also developed based on the investigation. A temporary winterization program was developed while construction awaited funding. Recommendations were based on a short term repair program.

A complete repair package and estimates were developed for a long term program to rehabilitate the facility, including fenestration, repairs to the concrete structure of the building, waterproofing and building envelope replacement and repairs, historic storefront repairs with the restoration of specific historic elements, ADA improvements in the units as well as common areas of the building, addition of open space for the tenants, and the addition of solar electric and solar heating systems.