Kaiser Vallejo


Vallejo, California

MOB Investigation and Repair + Courtyard Canopy Design

W | A Associates has been extensively involved with the assessment of several structures at Kaiser Vallejo including at the Hospital & Hospital Additions; Employee & Member Garages, Central Plant and Medical Office Buildings.  The Kaiser Hospital support facilities are served by an existing Central Plant that is suffering from serious water intrusion problems. The existing (old) Central Plant is vital to the continuing operation of all existing facilities and is being repaired to insure its ongoing support functions and future use in coordination with other ongoing infrastructure improvements. 

In addition, W | A Associates provided consulting services to assess water intrusion and sump/drainage problems with the five story reinforced concrete Employee (Staff) Parking Structure.  The multi-story Member Parking Structure was also assessed for deteriorating conditions at the elevators; for parking deck membrane integrity at the roof level and for stucco wall and concrete cracks and efflorescence. W/A engineering teams are also evaluating potential structural engineering deficiencies identified early on in the investigations.