Benecia Clock Tower


Seismic rehabilitation of an 1850's stone masonry Clock Tower, Benicia, California

National Register of Historic Places - Benicia Arsenal 
(added 1976 - District - #76000534) 

The scope of this project was to provide an engineering analysis of the condition of the historic Benicia Clocktower, an un-reinforced masonry structure originally constructed as an armory in 1857. 

Following the completion of the engineering analysis, comprehensive plans and specifications were prepared for a complete seismic upgrade of the two-story, 20,000 square foot building.  Restoration of the structure, which currently serves as a community assembly hall, involved sensitivity to the historic nature of the structure and extensive technical analysis of stone restoration techniques for the sandstone.

Roy Andrewson and Paul Weir worked on this project, while employed by Interactive Resources.

clock tower plans.jpg