Peer Construction Document Services 

W | A Associates provides support services to the design firm that wants to focus on their design services only, the contractor who feels uncomfortable with the lack of details available on his/her project, or the client who wants reassurance that the project will be built to last and ensure superior performance.

We review the design drawings and details (when available), and provide feedback and red marks pointing to issues discovered in the drawings, improvements necessary on specific details, misused  materials, missed or incorrect assembly details, and basic recommendations aimed at aiding designers improve their work product.

We assist in solving and developing complex construction details that meet the design intent, and perform as well as they should. We coordinate all design aspects with our in-house structural team and provide a fully integrated product.

Once all aspects of the design and technical requirements are synchronized, we produce Construction Documents for bid and permit. We also perform Construction Phase Services to ensure the accurate performance of the construction per our details.

We make technical recommendations on assemblies, and selection of the appropriate materials or accessories for your system, and we ensure that your systems do not contain known failures.

We provide 3D modeling review capabilities to clients who are not using the same software we utilize.

Our client's design (above) is built into a Revit 3D model (below).

We then develop the Construction Documents containing specific details and specifications designed to provide the best product performance possible, avoid pitfalls, missed or inaccurate information, and verify constructability.