The Sollano Residence

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Architectural Design Services

W | A Associates performed an investigation, identifying water damage, the condition of the building envelopes, structural evaluation, and recommendations for repairs.  W/A also provided architectural consulting services including re-configuration of the building plan layout, while preserving and performing restoration of historical elements of this 16th Century building. 

First Courtyard

Second Courtyard

The new layout created three  building groups separated by two courtyards, and a roof terrace.  This layout affords more light and provides privacy while maintaining connection between each space function.

The Sala's sixteenth Century door to the first courtyard

Architectural detailing included finishes, colors, tile design, lighting,  fenestration, custom design and construction of gas range concealed in traditional adobe kitchen counter with fire pit.

The living area

The studio

Details of studio tile work

The Studio traditional Boveda brick ceiling and cupula.

The upper terrace