Eden: Josephine Lum Lodge

Hayward, California

W | A Associates, Architectural, Structural Consulting and Construction Administration services
Client: Eden Housing, Inc.


Constructed in 1972, Josephine Lum Lodge, Eden Housing's first project, consists of a 150 unit senior residential complex set in 19 single and two story buildings. The Eden Housing Management Group requested that W | A Associates conduct an assessment of the existing conditions of the buildings, including a seismic evaluation.

W | A Associates performed an investigation, identifying water damage, the condition of the building envelopes, structural evaluation, and a recommendation for repairs.


W | A Associates also estimated the extent of required work to be performed, which was used as the basis for the repair scope for contract documents. In addition, W | A Associates provided design services for waterproof deck coatings on decks and elevated walkways, and similar repair of the common areas and Community Building.