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W|A Associates provides essential Construction Phase Services (CPS) in addition to preparing Construction Documents. The purpose of CPS  is to provide quality assurance to help ensure the construction or equipment installation is in general conformance with design documents and applicable codes and standards. We also assist owners during the Bid review process and selection of a Contractor for their project.


The term CPS is used to encompass a wide variety of activities that take place shortly prior to, during, and through the end of the construction phase. At the minimum, CPS includes a review of shop submittal documentation, field observation of construction work in progress, and witnessing of functional testing. The architect, or project manager on the project, plays a key role in supervising construction, along with program staff.


During this phase there is much activity with many vendors and sub-contractors working simultaneously and hopefully harmoniously. As your CPS representative, W|A Associates attends all weekly job meetings and provides overall project direction and leadership.

The following is a list of some of the services we offer as part of this process:

  • Review Submittals from Vendors

  • Review of Shop Drawings from Fabricators

  • Weekly Construction Meeting Attendance and Documentation

  • Construction Observation and Site Visits

  • Field Observation Reports

  • Progress Reporting

  • Change Order Review and Negotiation

  • Payment Requisition Auditing

  • Budget Tracking

  • Scheduled Maintenance

  • Construction Punch List Management

  • Issuance of Certificate of Substantial Completion

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