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The staff of W|A Associates specializes in the technical detailing of building envelopes, roofs, decks, fire resistive systems, buried and exposed membranes and traffic decks, waterproofing and flashing, coatings, sealants, fenestration and penetrations. Architectural firms whose primary focus is design find these services to be particularly relevant in the enhancement of their projects' durability.


Investigation and Analysis of Building Failures

W|A Associates has extensive experience investigating design and construction deficiencies. Services offered range from informal assessments to thorough destructive investigations and preparation of comprehensive reports. Evaluation of the structural integrity and safety of a building is also provided, including conformance with the original construction plans and specifications, applicable building codes and industry standards. Investigations include the location and identification of construction deficiencies, analysis of the impact of defects on the performance or safety of the structure, recommendation of solutions, preparation of estimates of the cost of repair and identification of responsible parties. Solutions for the resolution of construction deficiencies are the primary focus of the reports developed from the observations of these investigations.


Building Envelope Water Intrusion & Vapor Analysis

W|A Associates provides analysis of a building water vapor or water intrusion to determine possible contribution to defects. We pinpoint the exact location and likely cause of the problem and provide remedial solutions.


Roofing, Wall, and Foundation WP Systems

Few things are more damaging than a water leak. Moreover, persistent water intrusion often leads to the development of mold. W|A Associates has provided effective solutions that are less disruptive and easier to implement than demolition and replacement. Our knowledge of waterproofing systems enables us to trace the source of water intrusion and identify the responsible party. We will also review detail drawings and provide damage assessment. Our experts present the results of their investigations in written reports and oral testimony for either plaintiff or defense clients.

Representative Projects

Toll House

San Rafael, CA

Wood Gate

Truckee, CA

Tower Lofts 

Oakland, CA

Florida Lofts

San Francisco, CA 

Fire House Lofts

Oakland, CA

Mill Valley Community 

Center, Mill Valley, CA

Gateway Commons

San Francisco, CA

Candlestick Park

San Francisco, CA

1430 4th Street

San Rafael, CA 94901


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